Our History

Founded in 2007 as a private animal rescue by Angela Adams, BAPBR officially became a nonprofit in 2011. Angela was doing rescue work for a local shelter and began noticing the increasingly high intake number of pit bull-type dogs. The shelter was over-capacity and adoption rates for these dogs remained low, putting the shelter and the dogs in a very tough situation. Angela gained hands-on experience in her work with all sorts of dogs, but she gravitated towards the misunderstood velvet hippos categorized at 'pit bulls' because of their inherently sweet and goofy nature. She began advocating on their behalf, working outside of the shelter to place good dogs in good homes. Before long, all of Angela's free time was spent marketing, transporting, feeding, housing and supporting homeless and at-risk dogs; this was the birth of Born Again Pit Bull Rescue. 

Meet Sway

Angela’s beloved pit bull, Sway, was rescued the summer BAPBR was formed. He is the inspiration for our logo and a sweet, sensitive guy who loves to go for walks then snuggle his human.