Over half a million dogs are euthanized in shelters across the U.S. every year — approximately 40% of them are pit-bull-type dogs. Adoption rates are impacted negatively by a perfect storm of factors: the preponderance of backyard breeding and intact (unneutered and unspayed) dogs leads to overpopulation and shelter overcrowding, while public misconceptions and prejudices about pit-bull-type dogs result in cruel Breed Specific Legislation in some jurisdictions. These factors paint a grim future for many dogs, but they are not insurmountable: with your help, we can change their story.

Through social media and community events, we network with shelters across the Pacific Northwest to increase a dog’s chance of finding the perfect forever home. We also provide food, supplies and volunteer help to small and rural shelters in need of additional support.

Foster Dog Adoptables

Whenever possible, BAPBR provides foster home opportunities to pit-bull-type dogs who are struggling in a shelter environment or are in danger of euthanasia. 


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Set your new dog up for success with the Your New Dog: The First Three Weeks guide.

Hot Diggity, a premier pet walking and sitting service available in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle, generously offers 3 free walks and a 10% lifetime discount on dog walking and sitting services to anyone in their service area who fosters or adopts a dog through BAPBR or one of our partner shelters! Hot Diggity was voted Willamette Week’s Best of Portland Dog Walkers 2017, and they offer guaranteed availability and easy online scheduling. Learn more about Hot Diggity.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions, information about training, boarding, pet-friendly housing, food, bully-friendly toys/treats and more on our resources page.