Every day, low-income families struggle to put food on the table for themselves, let alone their pets. The Full Bellies Fund provides low-income families with monthly food plans to help them avoid making the difficult decision of giving up their beloved pet to an animal shelter. And to support the pets that are surrendered or abandoned, the Full Bellies Fund helps rural shelters receive access to a stable supply of nutritious, quality food.

As part of our Full Bellies Fund program, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue is piloting a program that provides high-quality food to the dogs of homeless people in the downtown Portland area.

Alongside our generous food supply partners, we give needy animals a nutritional boost with high-quality pet foods that result in shiny coats, healthy skin, decreased allergies, increased energy, increased appetite in picky eaters, reduced stools/ease in passing of stools, and decreased weight in obese dogs.


Interested in a monthly food plan? Ensure optimum health for your pit bull by providing her with high-quality food. Your dog may be eligible for nutrition support through our Full Bellies Fund.

BAPBR’s generous food supply partners

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