Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager is responsible for fielding all volunteer applications in a timely manner, including holding phone screenings and volunteer orientations; actively recruiting for additional volunteers, particularly in key areas of management as identified by the Leadership Team and Board of Directors; and assisting the Portland and Salem Event Managers in staffing all events with the proper number of volunteers. This position works closely with the Portland and Salem Event Managers, in addition to monthly meetings with the Leadership Team and Board of Directors. This is a non-paid, volunteer position.

Position Time Commitment
12 months

Average Weekly Time Commitment
5 hours/week

To Apply
Please send a brief introductory note and resume to paige@bapbr.org.


  • Direct management of BAPBR's volunteer base, including fielding all volunteer applications, recruiting new volunteers, and serving as the first point of contact for volunteer questions
  • Work with Portland and Salem Event Managers to staff all events
  • Act as the BAPBR liaison with community partners
  • Check BAPBR email on a frequent basis and respond in a timely manner


  • Prior experience with volunteer management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Strong delegation skills and collaborative instincts
  • Knowledge of nonprofit business models
  • Strong commitment to the mission of BAPBR, and, in general, to animal welfare


Born Again Pit Bull Rescue saves lives by keeping dogs out of local shelters through spay and neuter assistance, owner and shelter support programs, and community education. We are the longest standing registered nonprofit rescue in the Portland area dedicated to improving the lives of pit-bull-type dogs and their families. Our community programming includes Snip Your Pit, our spay and neuter assistance program; Full Bellies Fund, our food bank program; and Pit Stop & Adopt, our shelter and owner networking program.