Supporting Small and Rural Shelters through BAPBR’s Pit Stop & Adopt Program

Across the U.S. every year, approximately 3.3 million dogs will enter a shelter and over half a million adoptable dogs will be euthanized—with a majority of them being pit-bull-type dogs. Shelters and rescues are left struggling to house, care-for and place as many dogs as they can, often with restricted budgets and resources. This burden can be especially difficult for small and rural shelters that have limited staff and see little foot traffic, resulting in long kennel stays for homeless dogs. With our Pit Stop & Adopt program, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue works across the Pacific Northwest to increase the chances of finding the perfect forever home for these often overlooked dogs.

Partner Shelter Spotlight: The Dogs of Del Norte

Through our Pit Stop & Adopt program, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue partners with small and rural shelters across the Pacific Northwest, including the Del Norte Animal Control shelter, to provide food, supplies, pre and post adoption assistance and volunteer support. Like many municipal shelters and rural rescues, the staff and volunteers at the Del Norte shelter struggle with low budgets and high occupancy, and often times they look to their community to help meet the needs of the animals in their care. Starting in mid-November and running through the end of the year, BAPBR is coordinating a food drive on behalf of the dogs of Del Norte, asking our fans and community to help us raise $1,300 to purchase a four month supply of high-quality food for the shelter. All donations are tax deductable and we welcome any contributions; learn more, track our progress and donate at our food drive page.

What You Need to Know about BSL

Once upon a time a nice family went to the local animal shelter, fell in love with a new furry friend and brought him home to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, because of breed-specific legislation (BSL), that happy ending is sometimes the beginning of a whole new struggle for pit-bull-type dogs and their people.