Full Bellies Fund Program Director

The Full Bellies Fund (FBF) Program Director is responsible for overseeing BAPBR's dog food bank, including managing all applications and clients, maintaining and tracking dog food inventory, scheduling and coordinating dog food deliveries/pick-ups, and seeking out new partnerships. This position works closely with the Leadership Team in addition to attending bi-monthly leadership meetings with the Board of Directors. This is a non-paid, volunteer position. Following a six month probationary period, this position serves as part of BAPBR's working Board of Directors.

Position Duration
Minimum 12 months

Average Time Commitment
10-15 hours/week


  • Direct management of BAPBR's Full Bellies Fund program, including all applications, clients, inventory, deliveries/pick-ups, and partnerships
  • Work with Leadership Team to plan annual program goals and track progress
  • Work with Marketing & Communications Director to promote program
  • Act as the BAPBR liaison with clients and community partners
  • Work with the Development Director to plan and track program budget
  • Check BAPBR email on a frequent basis and respond in a timely manner


  • Experience in program development and management
  • Professional oral and written skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Experience working with low-income or homeless populations
  • Knowledge of nonprofit business models
  • Strong commitment to social welfare
  • Strong commitment to the mission of BAPBR, and, in general, to animal welfare


Born Again Pit Bull Rescue saves lives by keeping dogs out of local shelters through spay and neuter assistance, owner and shelter support programs, and community education. We are the longest standing registered nonprofit rescue in the Portland area dedicated to improving the lives of pit-bull-type dogs and their families. Our community programming includes Snip Your Pit, our spay and neuter assistance program; Full Bellies Fund, our food bank program; and Pit Stop & Adopt, our shelter and owner networking program.