Those are the eyes of someone who wants to be loved

Meet the extremely beautiful Annabelle!

Annabelle is a 10 year-old Pit Bull Terrier who weighs about 65 pounds.

While in foster care, she is learning basic obedience training to make an easy transition to her new forever home. With Annabelle, continued training will be a snap because she is bright, very eager to please, and loves her treats. She responds well to positive relationship-based training methods and would love to impress you with her smarts. She's a "deep feeler" — a lot of emotion in there. She's okay with other dogs who give her space. She is very affectionate with humans, too, after you get to know her!

Annabelle is also already house trained, crate trained (and quiet in her crate), and likes riding in cars. She loves to laze around the house on the couch or your bed, cuddle, and be your constant best friend! She is mellow, super easy, fun, loving, and such a happy dog—she will bring joy to your heart!

She occasionally enjoys a short walk and she has also discovered a new love for balls and LOVES to play a game of ball with you.

She's a "deep feeler" — a lot of emotion in there.

Annabelle's ideal family would live in the Portland Metro area and would be a couple, single person, or retired couple who have no cats, possibly another mellow, calm dog, a fenced backyard to throw the ball for her, and a calm, easy-going home life. Annabelle doesn't require much, just lots of love, a warm home, and a family to call her own!

Adoption fee: $200

Start the Adoption Process

We now provide continuing education!

The adoption package includes dog training sessions with one of our preferred trainers. These sessions are provided to you at no cost during the foster-to-adopt trial period (weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the dog's needs) to ensure that you and your new best friend are set up for a lifetime of success!

Our adoption fee includes:

When you adopt a BAPBR dog, our relationship with you does not end there. We know that you’ll have questions once your dog is home with you and we are here to provide advice regarding basic training and resources for you and your dog.

We take great care of the health and condition of dogs in the BAPBR Pit Stop Program. Before any dogs go to their adoptive family, we ensure that any needed procedures have been conducted at our veterinarian hospital.

Along with your wonderful new family member you will also receive:

  • training sessions (more infomation located below, under the adoption fee)
  • Spay or neuter
  • Initial vaccines
  • Copy of medical vet records/history
  • De-worming treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • Collar
  • ID Tag
  • Front clip walking harness
  • Leash
  • AVID microchip and registration (a $20 value)
  • Bag of kibble
  • Plenty of post-adoption support!

Remember, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Not every
family needs a dog, but every dog needs a family.