Adoption Process

We pride ourselves on making great
pairings between people and dogs.

The reason we are so good at it is because we truly know the dogs in the Pit Stop program—they're relaxed in a home environment, as opposed to being stressed out in an animal facility situation, living in side-by-side kennels. Our foster families provide regular updates on training, behavior and overall progress reports on each dog in their care, which in turn, allows us to make really informed recommendations to our adoption applicants. That's also why we like to take the time to get to know you so well—to help us pinpoint the right dog for you and your family, lifestyle and home.

Applications are not first come, first served. Our goal is to find the best possible match for every dog we place into their forever home, for the dog's well‑being and for the happiness of the adopters.

The steps we take to find the right match

We are serious about placing our dogs in great homes. We do home checks, background checks and one-on-one interviews with our applicants. We’re looking for adopters who will be committed to loving and caring for these dogs for the rest of their lives.

We only place dogs with people who are committed and able to spend the time and money to maintain this pet for their natural lifetime. A dog is often a 10-15 year commitment. Please consider this fully before applying.

If we do not have just the right dog for you at the time you apply to adopt, we will always provide referrals to other dogs listed in our courtesy postings on, available through another animal organization, if we believe there may be a better fit. Our goal is to see all orphaned dogs in a loving home, no matter whom they are adopted from.

Why adopt from a reputable foster-based animal welfare group?

One thing that makes adopting a dog from a foster-based group is that you really know what you’re getting. A dog living in a foster home is a dog who has settled into a routine and relaxed enough to show their personality traits. Often in a shelter environment, dogs can be stressed and you may not see exactly who they are. They also haven’t been around a person 24/7 who can report on their favorite things, things that the dog doesn’t seem to have had exposure to in his or her past, things that scare the dog or that the dog does not do well right now with, etc.

We are huge proponents for ADOPTION and not buying—so adopting from a shelter directly is still a wonderful, life-saving act, but there are also added benefits of adopting a dog who was once in a shelter, and now in a foster home. Our foster parents will have lots of information for you on each dog’s behaviors, knowledge of commands/training, etc. If you have kids, other dogs and/or cats in your home, we can often provide observations about each dog’s behavior around these elements to make a better match for you.



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